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The start of it all and welcome to Cloud+Co

The start of it all and welcome to Cloud+Co

If you have read our About Us page, you will know how Cloud+Co was born. This blog is intended to, together with highlighting some of our amazing products and design tips for your nursery, bring you some reflections on motherhood, parenting and just general lifestyle posts.

My first baby boy

To start off, let me introduce myself. I am the founder of Cloud+Co, a mother, an investment banker by profession, but lover of beautifully designed and stylish spaces and things.

My love affair with the brands and items on our site began a while ago as I searched for items for my children that were beautifully made, unique and that fit into our lifestyle. Adding this obsession to my love of retail, Cloud+Co is really close to my heart and it brings me great joy to share this experience with you.

My baby girl

Another important thing to us is sustainability. We aim to bring you products that are organic, ethically made and sourced and that help to preserve and promote the future world that we want our kids to actually live in.

One more thing, we absolutely love speaking to you. Please feel free to contact us for any queries or feedback. One of the great things about starting this business has been all of the lovely people we have got to meet.



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