Ambre – Amber and Hearts Style 1


Baltic amber has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for pain relief, amber is used to promote fast healing and to boost the bodies own immune system. It’s many benefits include helping reduce inflammation, calmative properties acting as a natural aid in pain relief which is especially helpful for teething babies inflamed gums. it also helps reduce high fevers.

These necklaces have been sample tested both internationally and locally and are issued to you with a certificate of authenticity.

With quality silk thread, they are knotted after every individual amber bead, so that even in the extremely unlikely event of the thread being torn, there is minimum risk of choking. For extra safety, this necklace is fitted with a “pop” clasp, the most advanced safety clasp which act as a tension release mechanism designed to open in the event of high tension.


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Ambre brings you only superior products and materials sourced from artisans based in the Baltic regions of Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Germany. Lithuania is often called 'the amber-land' and all their high quality handmade products are made from 100% natural Baltic Sea amber.