Konges Sloejd Wooden Table Kitchen


Adorable and high quality Scandinavian style table kitchen for little ones. The stove is easy to transport and pack away for a weekend. Great for smaller spaces, it can be placed on the desk, a step or a table to be able to be at the right height of the child.

Impeccable finishes with its retro look, it has hooks for hanging kitchen utensils, an oven with a removable plate, 2 stove plates and 3 cooking buttons.

A great add on would be the Kongessloejd Pots and Pans Set 

Dimensions: L39 x H24cm

Material: 100% FSC certified beech.

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About the brand

Konges Sløjd vouches for quality, functionality and simplicity. They have created a simple, scandinavian, stylish and, not least, quality- conscious universe for those most dear to us: our children. Their design philosophy is to make tasteful children’s interior design and items that bring the little ones joy which, at the same time, make visual sense to parents.


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