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Snuggle Me is the first and only baby lounger designed to hug your baby. The center area is unpadded and slightly suspended. When you lay baby on top of this unpadded space, the sides of the lounger will pull in, giving them the feeling of a snuggle.

The tight torso fit contours to baby’s head and torso while their legs will drape over the bottom end. This keeps baby safely on their back while lounging. This is an important design feature that makes the Snuggle Me unique.


The Snuggle Me Organic is versatile and portable and so can be easily adapted to your needs, and the needs of your baby. It’s used for naps, tummy time, infant lounging, travel, as a changing station, an insert to a moses basket & much more.

Comes with a Moss Organic Cotton cover and a travel bag.


Snuggle Me Organic loungers are made with GOTS certified organic cotton fabrics, USA made and hypoallergenic with a hypoallergenic polyester fiber fill. Using organic cotton keeps baby’s environment safe and non-toxic during their most crucial developmental years. Organic cotton is a fantastic material to have around your baby! Organic cotton is comfortable, warm, breathable and very rarely the cause of allergies. It also protects your baby against all of the harmful effects of synthetic materials or chemically treated cotton.


68.5 x 43 x 10 cm (27 x 17 x 4 in); the inside sling is approx. 48 x 21 cm (19 x 8 in)
Infant size.

Designed to fit babies 0-9 months approx.

As with every padded lounger, recommended for supervised use only.

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Key features:

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Made in USA
  • SMARTLY DESIGNED TO HUG YOUR BABY. Patented design pulls in to hug your sweet babe. This hugging sensation calms baby and, with its tight fit, helps wedge them into place
  • HIGHEST QUALITY, ORGANIC. The Snuggle Me Organic is made in the USA with GOTS certified organic fabrics and filled with a virgin polyester fiber fill. It is award winning, and has been a top choice by mamas and professionals for over 10 years
  • MULTI FUNCTIONAL AND PORTABLE. Because of its light-weight design, the Snuggle Me Organic makes the perfect lounger, rest spot, tummy time aid and travel mat
  • FOR MAMAS WHO WANT THE BEST. The Snuggle Me Organic is the highest quality, and best functioning lounger available for your little
  • Includes a Snuggle Me Organic lounger, easy to remove cover, and cotton canvas zippered travel bag. Designed to fit babies 0-9 months approx.
  • Wash the Snuggle Me Organic and covers in cold water on hand wash/gentle cycle.

Additional information

About the brand

The Snuggle Me brand was founded in 2007 by Mia, mother of 7 when she struggled to meet the needs of both babies who never seemed to be content anywhere but in her arms. Together with her mother-in-law, she designed and patented a lounger that would hug baby. This much needed support item could be easily toted around the house and was incredibly effective at calming baby. They called it a sensory lounger because of how it created a physical sensation for baby and was more than just another place to lay baby down, it snuggled them.

Years later, and the popularity of the Snuggle Me has exploded based on how magical it is at calming babies and is loved by babies and parents alike. In addition to wonderful products, Mia has created a wonderful community that shares openly and honestly and the company's passion for what they do, integrity and transparency shine through.