Stamp Bread Cutter ‘Animal Friends’


Make super cute sandwiches for your bento, with these animal shaped stamps and cutters. Just press the cutters onto bread or food you are cutting into shape, then push the stamp to create the imprint of the animal shape and face.

Cutters work best with soft, fresh bread, cheese, lunch meat, cookie dough, omelette or soft sliced fruit and vegetables. For best results, cut each layer of bread and filling separately before assembling sandwiches.

This set of cutters and stamps includes bear, squirrel, seal, whale.

Sizes approx:
Bear : abt. 5.6×4..6×2.8
Squirrel : abt. 5.2×5.2×2.8
Seal : abt. 4.8×5.5×2.8
Whale : abt. 4.0×5.9×2.8

Material: polypropylene. Japan import.

BPA Free

In stock

Additional information

About the brand

Torune is a Japanese company from Wakayama specialising in kitchenware and Bento decoration making meals fun and exciting.


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