Tiger Tribe – Kaleidoscope Kit – Easy Stick & Play


Part creative art project, part construction task, part science experiment — our COOL new Kaleidoscope Kit is the perfect STEAM product for kids!
First you construct your own mirrored Kaleidoscope tube from the pre-cut template included. Then create patterns by attaching the enclosed stickers onto the translucent spinning wheel. There are four wheels included so you can make heaps of different designs, limited only by your imagination.
Final step, attach the spinning straw and wheel and hold up to the light! Kids will be amazed by the beautiful, sunlit geometric patterns they can create as they turn the wheel. This kit offers a fun, hands-on way to explore light, reflections and symmetry.
Suitable age 4+.
Kaleidoscope Kit comes with everything you need, including:
• 1 flat-packed Kaleidoscope tube
• 4 translucent spinning wheels
• 1 spinning straw (with metal caps)
• 3 sheets of coloured stickers

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Designed in Australia, Tiger Tribe creates products that tap into a child’s imagination and sense of fun.


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