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Swing Kit - Aztec

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These gorgeous swing kits are handmade by a mother and daughter duo in South Africa. They are ready to install with a rope, hooks, screws and a sweet cotton cushion for added support. These swings are perfect for indoor and outdoor use and can hold up to 20kg’s. They can be used safely by babies from around 2 months, until about 3 years. The design includes soft padding to prevent the baby from bumping their head while swinging.

Swing Dimensions  

Poles - 35cm x 35cm

Rope Length - 2m hanging from ceiling to swing. This can be adjusted by shortening the knot

Installation Guide and Warnings 

-We take no responsibility for incorrectly installed swings

-Always make sure you are securing closed hooks supplied by us into a solid material and not through a ceiling board or any soft product

-If you would like to install your swing into the ceiling board, please make sure the screws are going into a solid plank inside your roof or into a roof truss

-When hanging from a branch or beam make sure it is structurally sound and strong enough to hold the weight of your own child

-Makes sure the swing has enough space to swing freely

-Never leave your child unattended in the swing