About Us

Cloud+Co is a lifestyle store for children and parents that aims to bring you a curation of the best products locally and internationally. We love the Scandinavian aesthetic and design.

Although Cloud+Co officially began recently, the unofficial start was when our founder fell pregnant with her first child. She wanted to find products for him that were unique, of great quality and timeless. Pieces that were an investment, would fit into her lifestyle and that would be able to tell a story… This feeling amplified when her daughter was born. Thus, the vision of Cloud+Co was born – to surround your child with beautifully designed, quality and contemporary nursery items that will promote an environment of peace, curiosity and love and that they can treasure and cherish for a long time.

This is also where the name Cloud+Co originated. We want to create a magical and dreamy setting for kids that feels comfortable, but full of wonder and allows them to explore and discover.

One other important aspect for us is sustainability. We aim to bring you products that are organic, ethically made and sourced and that help to preserve and promote the future world for those dearest to us – our children.

We carefully curate brands and products from around the world, staying on top of the latest styles and designs that fit into our brand.

We aim to delight and enchant you and your little ones. Every sale is appreciated and sent to you with an abundance of love.

We are online based and ship to anywhere within South Africa.

We are also able to ship to selected African countries upon request to info@cloudandco.co.za

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