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Wild Skye Cloud Baby Lounger | Cream | Perfect for Newborns

Wild Skye Cloud Baby Lounger | Cream | Perfect for Newborns

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Introducing our versatile, comfortable Cloud baby lounger. Made from 3D cotton mesh and filled with a hypoallergenic filling, our lounger allows for maximum airflow and breathability.

A must for any new parents, the Cloud Lounger is designed to hug and mould around your baby, it has a soft cloud-like outer nest and then a thinner, padded sling in the middle that takes on the firmness of the surface it’s placed on with some softening. This allows it to pull in and make baby feel held. 

The lounger is perfect for ages 0-10 months and potentially longer, providing a safe, soothing space while giving you a helping hand. It’s easy to carry around and portable and can even be folded in half so you can take it on the go. 

It comes with a soft cotton cover that protects it and can easily be slipped off and popped in the washing machine. The nest itself can also be machine washed on a cold machine wash on a delicate cycle.

Please note that the Cloud Lounger is not suitable for co-sleeping and your baby should always be supervised while using it.


- Never leave baby unsupervised in the lounger

- This is not to be used as a co sleeping device

-  Always place on a firm and stable, flat surface

- Use as is on it’s own and not in cribs, baskets or similar



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