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Grandad Mandela

Grandad Mandela

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“…profoundly moving…” —Publishers Weekly

“If we want to learn from our nation’s past mistakes and keep Madiba’s legacy alive, it’s essential we tell our children stories about our country’s history. But how do you explain complex concepts like apartheid and equality to your little ones? Easy. You read them Grandad Mandela” Times Live

Zazi and Ziwelene’s great-grandad is called Nelson Mandela. Once day, they ask their grandmother 15 questions about him and his life. As their conversation unfolds, Zazi and Ziwelene learn that Nelson Mandela was a freedom fighter, a President, and a Nobel Peace Prize–winner, and that they can carry on his work today.

Seen through a child’s perspective, authored jointly by Nelson Mandela’s great-grandchildren and daughter, and published in collaboration with Mandela Legacy Media, this book brings Nelson Mandela’s incredible story alive for a new generation of children.

Format: Hardback, 40 Pages

Size: 9.252 in x 11.417 in / 235 mm x 290 mm

Edition: Illustrated Edition

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