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Malo - Nappy Rash Spray 100ml

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Purposely formulated as a practical and ecoluxe alternative for the modern parent. Consciously made in Australia using natural and clean ingredients.

This award-winning nappy rash spray is a game changer for parents worldwide. Designed to be practical and quick application, especially for on-the-go and traveling. It’s compact and easy to use without worrying about getting your hands in the sticky cream or contamination.

Practical design for quick & easy nappy change on-the-go. 

No need to rinse, rub or wipe. It's a modern alternative to traditional creams, but with all the same benefits.

It comes in a slim and compact bottle that fits easily into your nappy bag or change clutch. Over 100+ Nappy Changes in each bottle!

PRO TIP: Can be used for toddlers & beyond during toilet training or for a toosh refresh. Simply spray some on toilet paper & wipe the toosh. Adults can use it too!