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Wild Skye - Kimono Knotted Gown

Wild Skye - Kimono Knotted Gown

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Knotted gowns are a modern essential for your baby. Made of soft, stretchy and super comfortable natural fabric, they make diaper changes a breeze, while providing the warmth and cosiness babies feel in the womb. 

They also look absolutely beautiful in pictures and make for the sweetest newborn photoshoots. 


Enrobe your baby in a cocoon of softness and comfort with these beautifully designed knotted gowns. Our Kimono Knotted Gowns have the following amazing features:

  • Built in fold-over mittens to ensure baby's hands are kept warm and protected
  • Kimono effect tie up front that gives the outfit a elegant feel.
  • Provides easy access to your little one at all times with its bottom knot. this feature also ensures that your baby had enough freedom to move while ensuring they still feel secure and safe.

Size: 0-3 months

Material: Bamboo Rayon


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