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Malo - Wet\Dry Travel bag

Malo - Wet\Dry Travel bag

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Nappy Change...Or Any Change...Never Looked So Clean!

The Wet/Dry Travel Bag in colour marshmallow.

Comes in a neutral aesthetic that’s minimal chic and a staple reusable. 

In a large size it has x2 waterproof compartments, that can be used to separate wet clothes or reusable nappies from clean, dry clothes, nappies or essentials.

A clip strap makes it perfect to hang off your stroller, or simply put it in your mummy bag and ditch the disposable plastics.


Why Wet/Dry Bag?

Perfect for on-the-go emergency change of clothes, toilet training accidents, beach days, reusable nappies and essentials for daycare/preschool

Soft & fluffy exterior like a giant marshmallow

x2 waterproof compartments to keep essentials separate - dry from wet/soiled clothes/nappies/wipes

Large 30cm x 36cm size

Clean, minimalist neutral aesthetic


Care Instructions

Reusable and machine washable

Machine wash in water <40ºC

Do not use bleach. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. 

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