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Portable White Noise Machine with Night and Ambient Light

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A must-have for any nursery, this beautifully designed white noise machine comes with 28 built-in soothing sounds, a timer function, soft night light and ambient lighting option and can be used with a USB plug and is rechargeable to grab on the go!

White noise machines can help your baby fall asleep fast and stay asleep longer. With consistent use, the sound machine will be a cue to your child that it’s time to sleep. With a variety of soothing sounds to choose from including one that mimics being in the uterus, this white noise machine is guaranteed to help baby (and you) get some restful slumber.


  • 28 soothing built-in sounds including one that mimics being in the uterus

  • Timer function (30, 60 or 90mins) or if not engaged will just play continuously through the night

  • Bedside night light mode with the ability to adjust brightness

  • Ambient mood colour changing lighting mode

  • Can operate plugged in or portable (comes with rechargeable battery included and charger)

  • CE certified and comes with USB cable and charging plug included

  • Small enough to grab and go and fit in any change bag


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