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Tiger Tribe - Dinosaur Island - Bath-a-Saurus

Tiger Tribe - Dinosaur Island - Bath-a-Saurus

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Let your little ones soak up some quality time in the bath with Dinosaur Island - Bath-a-saurus.

Create your own prehistoric park by slotting dinosaurs, jurassic jungle plants and an ancient volcano into the floating island. Then get ready for a stomping, roaring, dino island surfing safari! Watch T-Rex hang SIX, and baby Triceratops drop some gnarly moves on the back of a huge Mosasaurus!

A wonderful way to introduce sensory and imaginative play into bath time, kids are encouraged to enjoy, explore and investigate.

For a bit of extra fun, the dinosaurs are made from EVA foam so easily stick to the side of the bath or surrounding tiles when wet. And at the end of all the fun, pack up is super easy using the enclosed drip dry net bag.

Each set includes: 

  • 7x EVA foam dinosaurs

  • 1x EVA foam palm tree

  • 1x EVA foam surfboard

  • 1x EVA foam volcano

  • 1x floating island

Suitable ages 2+
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